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When you start using the highest quality freshwater and saltwater lures, striper fishing and any other game fishing becomes a lot more fun and productive.

The Sea Fly. 
5 inches, 3 oz.

Designed off an old freshwater classic, this plug is killer for striper fishing and bluefish. I believe this is the first thru wired saltwater rigged wobble plug ever produced commercially.  Find a nice rock pile or jetty and work this plug slowly while stopping every once and a while and twitching the rod a couple of times. This will throw a lot of water and drive the fish crazy.

Junior Sea Fly.
3.75 in, 1.75 oz.
Built for saltwater with all the same hardware as the Sea Fly senior this will work equally as well for freshwater musky and big large mouth bass.

Pencil Popper:
Senior: 10 inches, 4 oz.
Junior 7.25 inches, 2.5 oz.

Wave Jammer: 
Spook Style glide bait and walking stick.
Sr. 8.5 inches, 3 oz.
Jr. 6 in. 2 oz.

Calamari Popper: 
This plug makes a racket on the top of the water that no striped bass, or any fish for that matter, can resist.  A deep gusset in the mouth means it pushes the maximum amount of water. Try twitching the rod fast three or four times, then slow down and chug, then stop for a few seconds and then start over.
45: 4.5 in., 1.5 oz.
65: 6.5 in., 3 oz.

So whether you need fresh or saltwater lures, start striper fishing with maximum catch-ability today with the quality plugs from Lemire's Plugworks!
Surface Plugs
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Hey Al, Darn ya! Your Jr. Sea Fly about gave me a heart attack tonite!! I was just cooling of near dark by casting into a local pond.  While listening to the sea fly chug in, the water exploded and I had a largemouth bass so big he stalled the drag on my muskie reel.  Man, you've built a tremendously BALANCED plug in this one, the smoothest action and sounding surface plug I have ever used.                                                          John, Pennsylvania