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(This includes senior swimmer and junior swimmer.)

Junior Swimmer: 
4.5 inches, 1.5 oz.
The presentation of this plug will be the same as the tiny swimmer; the
faster the retrieve, the deeper the plug will dive. Slow retrieve equals a nice
wake and side to side swimming action great for salt ponds and low current areas.

Senior Swimmer: 
6.5 inches, 2.5 oz.
You can present this plug the same as the junior or tiny swimmer but it will only dive between 2 to 3 feet. This can withstand current and has killer action. Try stopping occasionally and twitching the rod tip to give a wounded baitfish action. Stripers can't resist this plug.

Jointed Eel:
9 inches, 3 oz.
This is a large plug with a great eel swimming action. Slow retrieve and the plug will swim on the surface, leaving a nice wake and back and forth action. Speed up the retrieve and it will dive nicely.

Goo Goo Eye: 
8 inches, 3 oz.
Used for trolling or surfcasting, this plug can withstand heavy current and has a nice back and forth "s" swimming action.

I recommend using either a loop knot or snap or clip with swimmers for the best swimming action.

5.5 inches, 2 oz.
Fitted with the original "Danny Conrad" style lip this plug has less of a wobble and more of an "S" like swimming action.

6.75 inches, 2.5 oz.
First in a new line of surfster style surface swimmer.
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