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Stubby Needlefish:
5 inches, 1.5 oz.
This is a sinking chubby needle that has a moderate to slow sink rate and sinks tail downward. A slow retrieve will glide just under the surface of the water. I also recommend twitching the rod every 5 or 6 turns of the reel. You can also let it sink to the bottom and work it like a sand ell hatching. This needle can also be worked fast like a pencil popper.

Junior Needle: 
8 inches, 2 oz.
Making legend on Block Island over the past couple of years, this plug has caught many a fish all over the island and up and down the coast. The same retrieve as the stubby will produce great numbers of fish.

Senior Needle: 
10 inches, 4 oz. 
Also slow to moderate sink rate, with tail down, this needle will attract big bass. Slow to moderate retrieve while twitching the rod every 5 or 6 turns will leave a nice wake as it glides just below the surface of the water.

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Ideal for big stripers and bluefish.
"We were fishing a dropping tide at Cutty on our last night.  Fishing this night was very slow to say the least.  We had half a dozen bumps between the 3 of us with no hookups. As we were getting ready to leave around midnight I snapped on your needle and stepped onto a rock my buddy had just been fishing for three hours with zero to show for it. On my second cast I connected with a nice keeper bass making my night much to the chagrin of my fishing partner. They work!! "